This is my personal tumblr. My main tumblr is scottmmccall. This tumblr is basically just for my characters on ISS. It'll also be where I post personal rants and stuff. I used to have this as a tumblrblog, but I created this one instead since I wanted to have a dash with all the people from ISS and idk I just wanted a calmer dash xD Follow if you wish :)

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"I don’t really get nervous in front of people. I kind of walk into every situation like I’m walking in to meet my peers, and they either like me or not."


No I’m never gonna leave you darling
No I’m never gonna go regardless
Everything inside of me is living in your heartbeat
Even when all the lights are fading
Even then if your hope was shaking
I’m here holding on.

7000th post dedicated to 8 months of Chira.

and it’s not enough to tell me that you care when we both know the words are empty air.

Wook. Wakkawook. 24. cake. iwantmore.

"You look beautiful."

…her hair is actually strawberry blonde.

Holland Roden at the 5th Annual ELLE Women in Music Celebration in Hollywood on April 22nd, 2014


Anonymous asked: Ezria or Fourtris

The best thing about Little Mix is we’re role models for being ourselves